Student Government Positions for the 2019-2020 School Year

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Student Council Officers

President – Madeline Connor

Vice-President – Caroline Duggan

Secretary – Emma Curtis

Treasurer – Isabelle O’Connor

Community Relations – Carrietta Jacques


Class of 2020

President – Caroline Duggan

Vice-President – Ayoub Ziad

Secretary – Madeline Connor

Treasurer – Jonathan Lounge

Student Council Representatives – Jacob Abrogar, Niall Horgan, Alijaah Paul, Jerry Valeros, Kerry Walker


Class of 2021

President – Carrietta Jacques

Vice-President – Illianis Luciano

Secretary – Brooke Walker

Treasurer – Jessica West

Student Council Representatives – Emma Curtis, Kylie McKeon, Annie Nguyen, Annestner Prezeau, Harris Jacques


Class of 2022

President – Dalice Rodriguez

Vice-President – Bridget Moore

Secretary – Marissa Todd

Treasurer – Tiana Docanto

Student Council Representatives – Ruby Ambroult, Aaron Cullity, Joseph McLaughlin, Hovan Ngo