2017-2018 Staff

Madison Burnett

Staff Writer

My name is Madison and I am in sixth grade. I like bobcats and the color orange. This is my first year on the Holbrook Hub. I enjoy writing and reading stories.

Ruby Ambroult

Junior Photography Editor

Ruby Ambroult is a photographer for the Holbrook Hub. she does many sports including soccer, track, and dance. Ruby has a passion for art and photography and enjoys her time in newspaper club.

Jessica West

Staff Writer

Jessica West is a freshman and this is her first year writing for The Holbrook Hub. She is very involved in music, and she has participated in drama and chorus since 5th grade. In 7th grade, she also joined show choir. This year, she...

Dhir Patel

Staff Writer

Dhir Patel is a 6th grade student who started writing for The Holbrook Hub this year. His interests include basketball, math, writing, spelling and playing videogames. He's always liked his teachers because they are very nice...

Amy Yip

Staff Writer

Amy Yip is a sixth-grade student who started writing for the newspaper this year. Her favorite subject is music. She plays the snare drum, bass drum, triangle, and many other instruments. She is also very athletic, and her favorite...

Hayli Manning

Opinion Editor

Passionate about science and social justice, Hayli Manning found her place as the opinion editor of The Holbrook Hub in the fall of 2017. Hayli is an active member of her community, serving as a National Honor Society member...

Sarah Ryan


Sarah Ryan is the Editor-in-Chief of The Holbrook Hub. She admits to being “just a little bit in love” with newspaper and hopes to pursue journalism as a career. This will be her fifth year on staff, previously spending three...

Niall Horgan

News Editor

Niall Horgan joined The Holbrook Hub in 2014 as a science writer. Over time, he would branch out more becoming a political writer, covering both the local and national elections as well as being a photographer. Niall is also an...