2018-2019 Staff

Dhir Patel

Junior Editor

Dhir Patel is a 7th grade student who is a junior editor and has written for The Holbrook Hub for 2 years. His interests include basketball, math, writing, spelling and playing video games. He's always liked his teachers because...

Amy Yip

Junior Photo Editor

Amy Yip is a seventh-grade student who started writing for the newspaper last year. If you see her after school, she is probably doing work for The Holbrook Hub. She is also very athletic and plans to join track this year. She's...

Sarah Ryan


Sarah Ryan is the Editor-in-Chief of The Holbrook Hub. She admits to being “just a little bit in love” with newspaper and hopes to pursue writing as a career. This will be her sixth year on staff and her second year as Editor-in-Chief. Outside...